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Conventional Western medicine stops with drugs and surgery. Lench goes further toward the soul. That's where the real healing takes place.

Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona
author of Coyote Medicine Tucson, AZ

In all traditional medicine, you can’t separate body, mind and spirit. In the West there is a large gap between medicine and psychotherapy. A patient with a chronic condition may go from doctor to doctor without success. What Lench does falls into the gap that we tend to ignore in the West. He has produced exceptional results with many of the people I’ve sent him. He’s very committed to the healing process.

Dr. Vance Inouye
Supervising Physician, Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center, Scottsdale, AZ

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to work with Lench. What I went back with far exceeded my wildest expectations.

Anne Gaudio
Certified Core-Somatics Practitioner, Pittsburgh, PA

When I first met Don Lorenzo (Lench) I knew that he knew, and I knew that he would teach me as long as I was willing to learn from him. I never come to the desert with expectations because I know about the spiritual serendipity of recovery: there are no coincidences. Don Lorenzo has gently pushed me “over the edge” knowing I would always land safely and be out of harm's way. It is this uncanny trust that gives me the impetus to continue my journeys with a man of magic . . . of serenity . . . of humanness. From warrior cries in the mountains to the anger work in the washes of the desert it has all been good . . . nothing but good. Although everything I’ve learned has been demonstrated through lessons from Don Lorenzo, it has been his prompting my memories of strength, my memories of healing, my memories of Great Sacred Mystery . . . he has been a spiritual midwife to my birth in this “awakening” that began more than five years ago. The desert is simply the mirror of my soul and Don Lorenzo has been a supportive interpreter for many of my lessons.

Veronica Harris
Addictions Counselor, Mother of Many, Casa Grande, AZ

I want to thank you for a totally wonderful weekend intensive. I went through a powerful healing that weekend which took away my female hot flashes. I had been having the flashes for the last couple of years (I’m 50 years old) and since I got a new job they have built up to a very extreme state. During the last four months the hot flashes were hitting me almost every hour of the day. It feels so great not to go through the misery and discomfort I was feeling before I came to the retreat. I decided to continue my healing process by doing the master cleanse fast and I feel really great. Again, I thank you and the holy mountain for my great healing. Blessings to you.

Bonny Knowlton
Phoenix, AZ

Within our society there is little tolerance or help for men who are survivors of violence. Eight years of sobriety, five years of intensive Gestalt therapy, acupuncture, energy work, massage, yoga, meditation, anti-depressants, and psycho-stimulants did not give me relief from my pervasive sense that I was dying.
The terror of living with the pain of incest, sexual abuse, community violence, bullying, binge-eating, self-hatred and religious terrorism was too much. At my darkest moment, the God of my understanding sent me Lench. I attended several of his workshops and then made the commitment to go to the desert. The desert taught me about connection, letting go, energy, and purpose. Lench taught me about healing, acceptance, family, faith, dignity, hope, and sacredness of my life.

I needed a shift in consciousness. The desert and Lench taught me that great wounds create great healers.

Harold Marks, RN
Pittsburgh, PA

Soon after meeting Lench I noticed an inner and outer clearing taking place, a feeling of becoming lighter and freer inside. The energy he walks with is truly healing and transformational.

Betty Ertwine
Director & Founder of Serving Hearts, Baltimore, MD

The relationship weekend was definitely a life-changing experience for Mike and me as individuals and as a couple. I can’t tell you the number of times I have turned to Mike since that weekend and said, “Who are you and what have you done with my husband?” There is no more anger in our conversations and much more patience. Our conversations have much more depth and feeling to them. The “thumbprint” technique for immediate behavior change is working well for both of us!
I have been starting each day by meditating with my prayer stick and feeling the power of all the energy from our retreat family. I also feel the calmness and peace that stays with me throughout my day, even as a substitute teacher. I did not have that before. I have worked one-day miracles with students that no teacher has been able to reach all year and I thank God for opening my heart to allow spirit to move through me to help these kids.
I was able to release a huge burden of blame that I had attached to every man I’ve been in a relationship with. I find it much easier to love myself now, which of course makes it so much easier to love Mike.
Thank you for this new joyous way of living you have provided us and all the thousands of lives that will also be touched by our new way of loving.

Substitute Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

Lench took those of us lucky enough to know him out to the desert. The results were often remarkable. He could drive me up to, and past, the limits of my own fear.

Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona
Author of Coyote Medicine, Tucson, AZ

My experience in the desert started out much like many of my life-changing experiences, with resistance. I wasn’t exactly kicking and/or screaming but I wasn’t running with outstretched arms into the Sonoran either. I was passively resistant.
Upon entering Lench’s home, we were greeted with hugs and kind words. I remained quiet until Lench asked me about my resistance. I told him that I didn’t trust him or the way he went going about things. This was based on being Lakota and being used to my traditions and the way things are “supposed” to be done.
After the first day, I was happy to be going back after hours spent in the desert. On the way back to Lench’s vehicle, I told him that I now understood how and why he did things the way he did and that I was happy not to be left in the desert on fast for four days, as it is in my tradition. My icy disposition had melted completely and from then on, I was ready and willing to do the work I needed to do.
Before departing, Lench asked me to do something I feared, he asked me to leave my sound. This was something that I had wanted to do all my life but couldn’t and I began to cry. After trying and trying and trying, it came. I was tired and happy and complete. I felt free and more myself than I had ever felt before.
Upon completion, I had to sing another song, a song of life. I sang this song out on top of Sacred Mountain. Going up the mountain, I knew that I would be changed and coming down, I knew that I would never be the same. My whole world shifted after that day and I am more than thankful to Lench and his family for the medicine they gave to help me along my journey to find my path through the desert.
This has been an attempt to somewhat describe my experience with Lench in the Desert, but in all honesty, there are no words. I could sit and write for years and still not be able to give justice to the many miracles that I experienced.

Shiloh Ashley, age 19
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

Being in the desert with Lench helped me to begin the process of reconnecting my Spirit with my Body and allowing my passions to flow instead of squashing them as I had done for more than 40 years! I had gotten stuck in my life, feeling almost trapped, living life for others and how I felt they wanted me to be, always worrying about what others thought, never living in the present moment. Then I met Lench and my life changed. He was the catalyst and turning point for me, allowing me to see and honor my creativity and to trust my intuition. I am now free to be me and to explore and express the “me” that I truly am. I feel without a doubt that I couldn’t have done this without Lench’s gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) loving push! Aho!

Annmarie Mahoney
Phoenix, AZ

Walking with Lench in the desert always leaves me feeling the immense, profound nature of simplicity. I am refreshed and filled with a sense of awe, renewal, and balance.

Kristina Colebrook
Clay Speaks Artist, Casa Grande, AZ

Releasing the personal issues that were causing my illness was magical. Lench possesses the keen insight of a highly-intuitive and highly-trained psychotherapist. He zeroed in on the very burdens that had dragged me down for years, burdens that I hadn’t acknowledged let alone made any attempt to release. The “old ways” of his Yaqui elders worked wonders in allowing me to understand, forgive, and release a lifetime of contraints on the “real” me.
He led me to spiritual places I couldn’t have traversed on my own. The desert’s energies, the energies of the Native American spirits, and the power of my own ancestors’ spirits all came forth through the ceremony and sacred art that Lench so exquisitely guided me through. I left behind a ton of old, unneeded baggage and emerged a new person.

Susan Metzger
Psychologist, Writer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Colorado

I was guided by Lench, who possesses the most straightforward and magnificent wisdom that has ever come my way. I listened and heard myself for the first time and I experienced who I am, never to live in fear again.

John Mahoney
Phoenix, AZ